Dear Exhibitor:

We welcome you to Niagara Falls and invite you to be a Trade Show Exhibitor at the 2018 OSUM Conference and Trade Show from May 2-3, 2018 to be held at the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel and Conference Centre – 3rd Level – Great Rooms A-B-C.

The Trade Show space will be located in Great Rooms A-B, and the Conference space is located next door in Great Room C.

General Information:

  • Exhibitor draped booths are 10’ x10’.
  • PSAV - Electrical and audio-visual services
  • STRONCO - additional booth services
  • Sheraton on the Falls - Hotel loading and storage instructions
  • Wednesday’s Program will include morning Golf at Whirlpool Golf Course, Trade Show registration and booth set up, and evening Reception for Trade Show Opening with Delegatesand Exhibitors.
  • Accommodation arrangements are made directly with the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel. Quote 2018 OSUM Conference when booking. Sheraton on the Falls Hotel - Registration Telephone: 1-800-519-9911 or go to their website
  • You are welcome to hold a business card draw at your booth.
  • Please consider sponsorship through gift or donation for the conference and golf.

Exhibitor Package

OSUM Conference image